Dita Parker

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You're still the one

Have you told someone lately you love them? How lovely they are and how lucky you consider yourself being with them? Would they think something's wrong if you did? Then it's been too long since you last said it.

Hubby's birthday was a month back, November first. No, I didn't forget, but for all my demonstrativeness I didn't give full measure back then. Our wedding anniversary is coming up so to celebrate that and one amazing man, I thought I'd go all out with

10 things I love about you 

How you take center stage without making a scene.

How you teach me things I never knew.

How you let me educate you.

The most unbelievable blue eyes I've ever seen. 

You never flirt when they come on to you.

Whoever said white people have no rhythm never heard you drum.

How you keep your head when everyone else seems to have lost theirs.

How you don't bicker and bitch when you know you're in the wrong or can't win.

How you never ever give up when you know all it takes is patience.

You gave me them.

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