Dita Parker

Monday, December 7, 2009

A league of extraordinary gentlemen

Ladies: Do you at times feel that chivalry is dead? That courtly love has checked out? Do not fear, fret or throw a fit, for while you wait to see whether it be a fallacy, an extended vacation or a permanent one, you too can be the perfect gentleman!

Because she's worth it!! Because your girlfriends deserve the absolute best for being the queens, saints, sinners and goddesses they are!!!

Take them out, wine and dine them, surprise them with small gifts and shower them with compliments (if you thought it, why wouldn't you say it?!), especially those lady friends of yours who at present don't have a gentleman to call their own. 

You do? Good for you! Never thought about it that way? Get going! Make someone's day. You'll make her happy and feel good about doing it, gentleman's word.

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