Dita Parker

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tragic kingdom

And so it came to pass that the magic kingdom turned tragic. With the wave of a tragic wand, anywhere but here suddenly came near, and in that tragic moment the kingdom fell under a tragic spell.

And as the tragic numbers were counted, the tears and questions mounted. And the King searched for a magic word and the Queen for a magic touch, but the tragician had already spoken and said far too much.

And everyone could see it had worked like tragic and who could remember all of the magic, but the King and Queen, the women and men, they wanted to see that kingdom again.

You could hunt for a thousand seasons and come home without answers or reasons.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday, which may well be a Wednesday, it's the heat talking, so shut up

Men. What do they want? No, seriously. Ellora's Cave is looking forward to hearing from you. What's your pleasure, gentlemen?

We are kind, merciful and forgiving toward others. Why is it so hard to be the same with ourselves?

Where was that white-tailed deer going? Where was I?

Corrective rape. Corrective. Rape. OMG AKA WTF.

According to the Annual Report of UN Women, the female half of humanity does sixty percent of all work and makes ten percent of the wages. Ownership is at one percent, political representation at twenty. You know what that means? We've made progress. O. M. G. [aka] W. T. F.!!!!!

Alice Munro can't be eighty. Thankfully, her stories will never age.

Furthermore, I think that if the boys of Team 6 aren't tied up at the moment, they should come rescue Princess Charlene ASAP. Thanks.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Gone, baby, gone

Sorry, I'm not in. I'm out enjoying the high summer. Another hot one. Hot hot hot. Not that I mind. But I would like to invite global warming skeptics to come over and present their case to my face, which is melting, by the way.

Enjoy your July, dearest denizens!