Dita Parker

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dial M for malcontent

Dearest M sent me a message telling me I'm blogging all wrong. I should knock it off before someone actually starts reading me because they will stop, or be confused at the very least.

Get off the soapbox, she said, and put the finger away while you're at it. What if people start thinking I write as I blog? Now that's bad since I don't and M knows it. Others, she reminded me, don't. I should know better than to give that impression. 

What am I, the UN? [I'm not at liberty to say.] A one woman army? [Why, are you in the market for one, luv?] I think it's all about me? [What? It isn't? Oh man...] 

Where's the writer, she asked? Where's the book? The story? I either bring it up more often or she starts spreading word I made it all up. Oh, but I do love a challenge and a take-charge attitude.

It's been a long and winding road. You. Know. That. M. But you're not in publishing so you don't know how it works or how long things take, do you? I had a vague idea, but sighing audibly about it here would be unprofessional and wouldn't speed up the process, would it? Besides, you can't tire me down by making me wait.

But we seem to have tired M and we don't want M bored or confused or unhappy, we want smiles with our snarky and we want to keep her entertained. She is honest, she is ruthless and she is absolutely right. 

So, dearest M, I do solemnly swear I'll bring the writing to the front and keep other appearances and disturbances to a minimum. Or let them out only when you're not watching. M'kay?

I'm letting M give me the third degree in an interview titled "So You Think You Can Write". Watch this space. 

Also on the show: Cover art! As in: Barenaked male!! With: My name on it!!!

Didn't see that one coming, did you M? Always happy to surprise you. And always glad to be of service. So sue me. D.


Anonymous said...

For holding back I just might.

Tomorrow, Perdita minha... Give me your worst.


Dita Parker said...

Mas que nada, bring it on. Who's being confrontational now? And strictly anonymous. I respect that.

What's that smell? Can you smell that? Does anyone else smell chicken?