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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The final countdown

So. Another judgment day came and went without verdict or incident. I was so relieved, dearest denizens. I had planned to impress my mother-in-law with a very nice Chenin blanc (organic! fair trade!! save the planet, have some wine!!!) that very same Saturday, and what a pity it would have been had we never gotten around to it, it was delish! [Have I told you how my mom-in-law is the greatest? She is this simply great teeny-weeny woman.]

Some might disagree about the wine, or the apocalypse. I'm not being cavalier or callous about it, oh no no no. Serious business, both the grapes and the grapes of wrath. It's the end of the world every weekend in some parts of the world. Fridays of rage, they're called. Slaying after praying. Come Saturday, it really must feel like the end of the world for some. Climate and nature acting up, economy acting up, individuals acting up; it's the end of the world Monday thru Sunday for too many.

The Code of Hammurabi is doing well some four thousand years on, give or take a century. As slow as evolution is, we still have great difficulty keeping up and evolving, don't we? It never seizes to amaze me. It's all good and well to learn to think like your opponents do. Start acting like them and, congratulations, you've invented perpetual motion, and that machine will never run out of steam. I like what Margaret Atwood has said on the subject: "An eye for an eye only leads to more blindness." Look at the world down the barrel of a gun and is it any wonder all you see is an enemy.

In other news: Windows is out the window for good here at the den. Before Finland gave the world Angry Birds, Alan Wake and text messaging, she gave humankind the gift of Linux. I promised Hubby that next time my laptop started acting up, I'd convert for good. I am a woman of my word. I am a woman of many words, some of them swear ones as I adapt and evolve. What I need of the olden days and ways is hidden inside my precious in something called a sandbox, I believe. Put that in your W7 and...well, you know the drill.

Breaking news: I'm to be an aunt again, my brother is having another baby! Awww. Since I've decided enough is enough, I'm happy my siblings are younger than moi and only getting started with the business of having babies. I get to enjoy yet another without the hassle of actually having one. Ahhh. [And have I told you how my brother is the coolest? I have never seen him angry or upset. The day I do, I will know the end is nigh.]

Stop the press. We're not off the hook quite yet. Rapture will give it another shot in October, so hurry, sweetie darlings, it's never too late to mend, you know, to make love not war, because a life wasted hating and worrying is a life wasted, is it not, and really, believe what you will, just don't sell or yell, okay, because some are more susceptible than others, and some take things far too literally and/or seriously, and that is a pity since none of us will make it out of here alive, that is one thing we can agree on, surely, so why not put a sordino on the doom and gloom and concentrate on making life livable and bearable and perhaps even enjoyable on occasion, for everyone, instead.

You have five months. Up and at it, dearest loveliest denizens. Go. Before it's too late. Go go go. And the world can't end in October, I have food that expire in 2013! My niece/nephew is due in December, for crying out loud.  If I die before that, I'm going to be real pissed.

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