Dita Parker

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Echoes, silence, patience and grace

Temperature: 11 (Celsius); scorchio gone, scorchio all gone

Eating: tom kha gai soup

Drinking: lassi; that soup was hot Hot HOT

Watching: spring go green; everywhere I look, green!!

Listening: to absolutely nothing until Kate Bush's Director's Cut comes out

Reading: The Adventures of Tintin (as in each and every album) to my youngest (who intends to follow in the footsteps of one Henry Jones Jr. and is all over adventure stories right now; I'm just waiting for the child to start swearing like Captain Haddock)

Writing: just added another 1,000 words to my WIP. And whatever happened to that story I was asked to revise and resubmit? Hey lady, enough with your stupid ass life and other catastrophes, where's that book? Hey dearest denizens, keep your shirts on, it's in the Cave, okay?! You'll be the first to know. No wait. Shouldn't I be the first to know? Should you get word, please let me know. There's something wrong with that saying.

Feeling: restless, a little aggressive even, the good kind of edgy that makes for great workouts, which is exactly where I think I should head before Hubby and the karate kids descend upon me. See you soon, sweetie darlings. And if you can't be good, please promise you'll be careful.

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