Dita Parker

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm a believer

Sorry, I'm not in. I'm visiting with some very Nice N' Naughty authors guest blogging about writing, love at first sight, and writing about love at first sight. Yeah, the stuff much of romance is made of and the reason some aren't buying any because they're not buying it, the concept I mean.

Hah! I have evidence to the contrary, evidence which substantiates the existence of such a phenomenon. It's somewhat scientific and maybe not all that romantic but hey, whatever it takes to prove a point.

Yes, I do know it's Halloween, but as I've tried to explain, it's not that big a deal over here (quite yet...), it's been going on for the whole of October over there, and aren't you getting a little tired of it? No? Okay, carry on then and have fun, but do swing by NN'N and vote in favor of the romantics. All those opposed: What is wrong with you?

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