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Friday, May 14, 2010


Do not adjust your screen, I'm fooling around with the blog, utterly displeased with everything and going Wordpress any day now, or as soon as I have time to learn the ins and outs of it. That would be in 2015, so brace yourself for more weirdness and bmw from yours truly madly deeply.

Last week, it snowed in Southern France. Today, it's 23 degrees Celsius in the shade. This isn't Southern France, it's the Arctic. Not unprecedented, only unusual, and do not tell me it has nothing to do with global warming. Maybe if we take into account every type of weather we've had since the last ice age, this is normal. No it isn't. It's freaky. Last winter, this sudden heat wave... Not that I'm complaining. It's fabulous, really. Flip-flops, flowers, ice creams on the terrace, long and even longer walks I've been taking since the snow and sleet melted.

I love walking. I don't think of it as exercise. I can go any distance and it's the perfect way to catch things you never would sitting in a car, riding the bus or even a bike. It's meditation. Relaxation. Time to think things over. Look back, plan ahead, do a head cleaning. I'm alert but calm, excited but not jittery. After a day spent meeting goals and deadlines, it's a treat to step out, wander off, breathe and observe.

Am I going somewhere with this? Absolutely not. If you're waiting for the punch line, the point, leave, now. Take a walk, a really long one, to get from A to B, or go in no particular direction, just wander off and let your mind roam free as well. You might be happily surprised with what you find.

[Blog and temperature update: it's now 25 degrees Celsius outside. Maybe this is Southern France, and France got our weather in return. They can keep it. ]

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