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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Romance Horror Picture Show

It's Halloween, dearest denizens, the perfect time to not let reality get in the way of some tomfoolery. Or a good story.

I like jokes, verbal and practical, and I like a good story as much as the next gal. But sometimes a gal needs a little gas, some fuel to the flame, you know? You do know? Well, whaddya know, here you go: 10 pics to help you tell a tale.

Fantasy or reality? Secret rendezvous or an exhibitionist's night out?

Ooh, Poe-esque. Black magic woman? Shifter?

He wants to kiss you. No, kill you. Kiss you. No. I don't know.

So hard to pin down. So many possibilities. So lovely.

Yeah. Real steel. That goes for my blade, too.

Apocalypse Yesterday. But do you run to him or do you run from him?

Model by day, aspiring actor by night, hampered and pissed by constant comparisons to James Dean. Until one day...

Rescue or kidnap? Runaway bride? Groom, best man or best friend?

This beach was supposed to be private. So what's he doing here? Is it a merman? Is he dozing? Drowning? Better go see if he needs help...

Sexy? Sinister? Your call.

But that's just me. What do you see? Share if you dare or start scribbling away, as long as you're writing. Those brave enough to take on NanoWriMo: May the Force be with you...

Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good fright!

P.S. All pics purchased from 123RF.com, in case you want one of your own.

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