Dita Parker

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Postcards from the edge

Hope you're all well. I'm sick again, can you believe it? Got a month's respite and I'm glad no one else in the family is down for the count, but seriously, again? Yeah yeah yeah, not resting enough, don't be like Dad, I get it.
Get the save the date mails? K and M are getting married! I know!! Why now, after all this time? Still, it's nice, isn't it? And our favorite hellion turns forty, can you believe it? God, she's as crazy as she was when she turned twenty and she will be absolutely beyond redemption by sixty. Good times ahead. Ü

So the Green League candidate for president didn't win. This time around. His 'handicap', because that's how some saw it: he's
a man living in a registered partnership with another man. Oh but it was quite the final sprint. What we do have is a generation of kids getting used to the idea that a man can be president, and I think that's pretty awesome. No, I don't want to hear about Indecision 2012. Keep 'em. All of them.

Crossed paths with He-Man Woman Hater the other day. Yeah,
him. He did what he always does, put up a polite front but as you know, you don't have to scratch the surface much to bring out the Taliban inside. I did what I always do, waited for the provocation, wanting to knock him out, did the verbal duel instead. Is it twisted to almost enjoy those bouts, because he can't be totally impervious even if he is a total idiot? Is it twisted to feel sorry for him even if he is a total idiot, because he seems deeply unhappy?

Hear any good songs lately? Are the stars aligned funny or something because I haven't been able to listen to anything much this week? Everything has such a pronounced effect on me right now it's ridiculous. You still write to music? I could never. I would get caught up in the lyrics, or the melody. Got to love the arts though. Balm to the soul.

That matter still not resolved STOP Feeling extremely small and incredibly stupid STOP Only
you can make yourself feel that way so just stop, you say? STOP Not the case in this case so I don't know how to stop it STOP No news regarding the submission but you'll be the first to know so stop asking STOP

Meet me in Lisbon in September? K and P will be there! Promise to give it a think. You've never had such fun with anyone else. Never. Had. Such. Fun. 

Since you're the king of weird dreams, analyze this: I was on a ferry from Holyhead to Dublin among a multitude of nationalities. I lost my purse (my fav). Checked the time to find my watch (the watch, with the engraving) had turned into a fugly plastic digital thing. The dream turned positively Kafkaesque, the ferry turning into a frickin' Flying Dutchman. I couldn't disembark until I could prove who I was.

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