Dita Parker

Monday, March 7, 2011

Truth and consequences

Previously on Dita's Den:

During a weekly bout where coloring outside the lines and free speech had, at least up until the fateful date, been self-evident, creators suggested that perhaps our leading lady had taken on more roles than she could comfortably play at once.

Our protagonist waved it off with a laugh and mumbled something about why, when asked if she had ever wanted to be a florist, she could not have realized that by God yes, and meant it, heartily, honestly, an epiphany. Or that is what it sounded like to us. Then, quite clearly, "What would you have me do?" Her smile turned strained. "Perhaps one should concentrate one's efforts," we suggested. "Full throttle in one or two areas instead of second gear in all of them." Mirth and air went out the door, we kid you not. "And perhaps some should spare one the tedious biking analogies. I know what you drive. A scooter."

Pandemonium ensued, the conversation quickly deteriorating into a verbal free-for-all. Blows below the belt were exchanged, including but not limited to doubts as to the intellectual faculties of some and the taste in footwear of others. Soon after, Miss Parker was seen storming out of the building.

She likes to boast about her survival skills. We'd like to see her survive without purse or overcoat. We would also like to remind her that hers is not a solo career, and that she owes the creators an answer, Babs a tenner, and her husband an apology.

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