Dita Parker

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Universe

Because there apparently is no end to how greedy, seedy and needy I am, I mean, answering the call of a calling and expecting to be paid for it (no end, absolutely none, told you) with (get this) money, as in actual, vulgar, bourgeois (what happened to striving and starving and suffering, gracefully and silently suffering for your art) money, *gasps of disbelief and disgust*, if you could please pulverize the pirates plundering the produce of petit moi plus plenitude, I would be eternally grateful and forever in your debt instead of forever in debt period.

May I suggest instant karma? When you have a spare moment. Don't think about it for too long, though. They think nothing of it, those little [utterly unprintable utterances].

Okay! Thank you. Enjoy your, hmmm, eternity now,

Your love slave for life,


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