Dita Parker

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Big Huge Reader Contest!

What is pink, inconspicuous, and provides endless hours of pleasure?

It's the Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition up for grabs on Tilly Greene’s Hot Thoughts Blog along with three boxes packed full of RT Booklovers Convention goodies!

Five years ago Tilly submitted her first manuscript and the rest is history, and it's an impressive track record, believe you me. Better yet, go check it out, congratulate her on a job well done and wish her many happy sales.

You have thirty days to celebrate Tilly, meet new authors and old favorites, and thirty chances to enter the giveaway to win a prize on July 1st. I'll be there this Saturday with Alex Rising. You should be there every day.

It's June. It's on. What are you waiting for? Go go go!



Carol L. said...

Hey Dita,
I'll have to check out the rest of Till's reads and yours. Thanks for the thumbs up about the e-reader
Carol L.

Dita Parker said...

Hi Carol,
and welcome to my den!

Mine's a very short list, but hey, you gotta start somewhere...

Remember to visit Hot Thoughts every day this month. Still several days left to enter the giveaway and some great books and authors lined up.