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Thursday, February 11, 2010

All for fun and fun for all

Wonderful weekend ahead, folks! Plenty of reasons to have fun and celebrate another day of living and another day of life, another

Well-earned weekend (unless you're working, but since it isn't a given these days, good for you!)

Saint Valentine's (see A league of extraordinary gentlemen for pointers on alternative modes of celebration)

Chinese New Year (Metal Tiger, which means... I have no idea what it means)

The 21st Winter Olympics (we might run out of those sooner than we'd like, so get it while it's...not too hot)

Insert your favorite pastime/waste of time/road to ruin here

Little sis giving birth any day now (neither here nor there for y'all, but awww, it's a baby, one I won't have to squeeze out, only enjoy, a cause for celebration, surely), just in time for 

Carnaval!!! To be in Rio right now, but if I could be in Salvador or Olinda...damn! 

If you hate crowds, and people in general, don't approach Brazil during carnaval. But if a hotspot of fun is your cuppa, you won't need batteries to keep you going, the baterias will keep you up all night, day in, day out. If you still need a pick-me-up, ask for Indian Viagra (not to be confused with counterfeit drugs from the South Asian subcontinent). 

I think they banned those beverages, though, at least in Olinda, because it extended your happy hour to a week without sleep. It doesn't necessarily mean it's not available. But you don't need a drink to enjoy yourself or to stay awake, I promise. Leave your valuables, your hang-ups and any lingering cynicism home and dance to the rhythm of the saints. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go see a wholesaler about some party foods. I told you, plenty of reasons to have fun this weekend, several reasons to be glad you're alive, to enjoy the company of friends and family, or silence, if that's your pleasure. It can't be wasted time if you enjoyed wasting it, right?

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