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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hear me now und believe me later*

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards, said Vernon Sanders Law.

I'm big on quotes. I'm big on thinkers and ideas new and old and even more ancient. They go to show that we do have to invent the wheel all over again, generation after generation. No war has ended all wars; history keeps repeating itself; the same questions will always be asked. (They also fill you with the inkling will anyone anywhere ever again have an original thought, idea or insight. Writers are known for giving it a shot.)

We may hear those distant voices and see those horrible examples from way back when, but we won't believe them until later, much later, sometimes too late. We are programmed to learn but to learn for ourselves. To ask the same questions, make the same mistakes, come on top of them or be swamped by them, bang our heads against the Great Wall of Personal Experience and keep pushing through. 

We may be equipped with the tools and instincts to handle all situations, but we need to be tossed into those worst-case scenarios to test and hone our skills; practice taking courage, making choices, standing up for ourselves, and, if we are very brave, others. That is the only way to determine if and what we have learned as and for ourselves.

Just a thought, my two cents, or is it one these days, and is it even an original one? Oh well. EC [Ellora's Cave] spells Edit Cave for me for the next couple of days. Here's hoping it's the last one. Here's hoping the story and I come out intact. I took the test first and I've been taking lessons ever since with the generous help of a patient professional. Thank you! I've learned, I've practiced, and I've put what I've learned into practice. Methinks; mehopes.

What else... If you haven't helped Haiti, please consider doing so. The infrastructure is in shambles but the people are still there, living on not much more than their faith. We can afford to give more than just spiritual sustenance. Unless you've developed teletransportable edible and potable prayers, it's not the thought that counts.

*SNL: Pumping Up with Hans & Franz

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