Dita Parker

Thursday, October 22, 2009

She will be loved

I can't stop smiling to myself or doing the samba, and doing either in this infernal climate of Arctic winds and inhumane temperatures is considered plain wacko, at least when done in public. Yes, I remember promising myself and all the world I would undergo an attitude adjustment and put a lid on the b, m and w, and maybe buy a thicker parka and stop complaining about the weather. I said I'm both smiling and dancing, what more do you want?

My sister got married over the weekend and we had the most amazing time co-hosting a bilingual and bicultural ceremony and the celebrations to go with it. Little baby sis was the most beautiful baiana bride, and I love my brother-in-law and his friends to pieces for how they treated her all day. She was the uncrowned but undoubted Belle of the Ball and Queen of the Night, and I'm so happy for them and her I could burst.

We've been forced to spend much time apart over the years, but we've managed to forge a connection that transcends time and geography. I've managed to nag and egg on, I've listened and spoken my mind, been annoying and cheerleading. What are friends and big sisters for anyway? She knows I'll stand by her always, despite the times apart and hang geography.

I wish her and her soon to grow family heaven, and when life gets a little hellish as it inevitably at times does, I hope she doesn't start thinking twice about calling me, anytime, wherever she or I may be. And if you haven't called your siblings in ages, please do, now, right now. Can't stand the sight of them, huh? I think they miss you, too.

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