Dita Parker

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waiting to exhale

Do you believe dreams tell us something about what we are doing or where we should be going? What we should be paying more attention to or what we are trying hard to disregard?

My latest recurring dream has been of losing control of my car. I'm behind the wheel but the damn thing isn't going where I want it to or stopping when I brake. I've headed into collisions while trying to do something, anything, to stop it from happening, but it's always crash boom bang. I'm alone in the car, I'm not physically hurt, only pissed off I couldn't do anything to prevent the accident. Again.

Read into it what you will. My SWAG is it's all about the waiting game; waiting for my editor to tell me am I still standing or did I fall on my face or my ass with the edits. Fall on your ass and no one will notice the bruises. The situation is salvageable. Fall on your face and have your disgrace written all over you in bold black strokes.

I'm still behind the wheel. But someone else is driving that car. And it's as soothing as it usually is behind the eight ball.

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