Dita Parker

Friday, April 10, 2009

To be continued

Previously on Dita's Den:

Dreaming of having more time to write, our protagonist was taken to the cleaners and cleared of some income producing clutter getting in the way of said writing yet to produce any income whatsoever. Doggedly hanging on to hope, and our devoted and dead sexy hero for comfort, she is momentarily struck numb by the sudden turn of events and by how dirty their windows looked in the spring sunshine.

After picking herself up and dusting herself off, Dita decided to a) clean the windows, b) the closets while she was at it, c) keep working on her WIP's.

On one less than sun shining day that made our girl rather regret the idiotic drive to clean house since it made no visible difference now, news arrived in the form of an offer. After her family ascertained her shrieks were not the result of an oncoming seizure, they alerted any alarmed neighbors that all was indeed well and the rather demonstrative Miss Parker was only a little overwhelmed and a whole lot excited.

A few days later a contract arrived; tangible proof this was not a 'Bobby stands in the shower' scenario, a dream sequence. It was real. Our leading lady did understand in that same instant she had by no means arrived in the world. She was barely taking off.

Finally ready to lose sleep over the recent head-spinning changes made to the script, she was left lying awoke one night wondering dare she believe that everything happens for a reason.

Good Friday? The best.

[After being accused of using the deus ex machina plot device, creators disavowed any knowledge of shenanigans, horseplay or monkeyshine and stated that "Humbug? Bah!" Miss Parker was unavailable for comments. She was later seen leaving the building wearing such an inimitable Mona Lisa smile no one dared point out the hem of her dress was caught in the waistband of her pantyhose. Judging from her expression, she might not have minded that much.]

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