Dita Parker

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Office, Summer Edition

Saturday P.S.: Posted a picture of my office in its summer kit to flaunt it to the angry angel that is The Rejectionist and all her Author-Friends. Never made it that far. The connection tanked, Brazil tanked, and I got a transatlantic emergency call along the lines of Do-you-know-what-that-sound-is-It's-millions-of grown-men-crying. 

And so I commiserated feeling a little miserable myself and turned the office into a bar which it manages nicely since it is multifunctional if anything and felt infinitely better after a caipirinha shared over the lines. This ain't Rio or Salvador, but with close to 30 degrees Celsius outside, the beach beckoning and the promise of another caipirinha lingering, I can always pretend.

Oi Canarinho! Better luck, and better futebol, sim, at home in 2014.

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